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Servicing Canterbury

Victory Lime has been supplying high quality AgLime to the South and Mid Canterbury regions for over 60 years



AgLime plays a major role in any farm’s fertiliser programme. However, all AgLime is not created equal and the differences between suppliers needs to be considered to ensure you get the results you need. At Victory Lime our focus is on supplying quality lime backed with transparent, independent testing.

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Victory Lime has been producing quality aggregates for the use in dairy tracks, feed pads and trough bases for over 10 years. We also have an array of chip suitable for landscaping, paths and driveways as well as low premable clay for holding ponds.

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Animal Health

Victory Lime is Canterbury’s largest producer of limeflour or UFL (Ultra Fine Lime) under the brand Healthy Cow. Healthy Cow is an ideal, 100% natural supplement to reduce the risk of downer cows by increasing the levels and absorption of calcium (and magnesium) in lactating dairy cows.

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Victory Lime has been focusing on soil nutrition for more than 60 years, with soil science and technology leading our approach to business.
We take our products and our customers farming systems seriously.

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